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Manage App Store reviews

Xreviews is a native iPad app that allows you to view and manage reviews for your Apple App Store apps. Just sign in with your App Store Connect API keys, and we'll import customer reviews for all of your apps.

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Xreviews app for iOS

You can search, sort, and filter reviews by keyword, date, rating, and more. Xreviews also lets you respond to App Store reviews directly from the app. You can even filter out reviews that you already responded to from your feed.

Editing responses in Xreviews app for iOS

Xreviews is a modern, native iOS app designed for indie developers by indie developers with details that make it a joy to use. For example, our widgets allow you to see the latest app reviews right on your Home Screen.

Xreviews app for iOS with widgets

For our power users, Xreviews supports multiple App Store accounts. Have too many apps? You can hide apps for which you don't need to see reviews. And once the initial import completes, you can view all customer reviews offline. Xreviews is the best app review manager for iOS.


We hate subscriptions as much as you do, so our business model is simple: Xreviews is free to use with one app. Beyond that, we have a one-time purchase that costs as much as a cup of coffee in San Francisco. 🌁

We just want to remain self-employed and maintain the development of the app. Thanks for your support. ❤️

All Features


Share reviews via AirDrop, Messages, email, and more!

Dark Mode

Use the app in Dark Mode while working at night.


Search review titles and descriptions by typing keywords.

Filter and Sort

Filter reviews by app version or rating. Sort by date, rating, and more.

Country Flags

Country flags make it easy to spot international reviews.


Translate reviews to your language in one tap.


Notifications alert you when new reviews have been downloaded.


Badges draw attention to newly-downloaded reviews.


Widgets allow you to see the latest app reviews right from the Home Screen.

App Hiding

Hide apps you don't want to see in the sidebar.


Browse reviews even when you're offline.


Reply to reviews directly in the app.

Multiple Accounts

Got multiple businesses? Add and manage multiple Apple App Store accounts.


Xreviews uses the official App Store Connect customerReviews API to fetch reviews.


Xreviews talks directly to App Store Connect via API keys you have control over. We don't know or care about your App Store account details.

Native App

Xreviews is a native app built using technologies like SwiftUI and Core Data, and it takes full advantage of the power of iPadOS.

Xreviews app for iOS

Xreviews is compatible with iOS 17.