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November 12, 2023

Pixen 5.1 is Now Available

We are pleased to announce that Pixen 5.1 is now available in the Mac App Store featuring over 20+ improvements!

Pixel Perfect Mode

The new Pixel Perfect drawing mode is available when drawing with the Pencil, Line, and Eraser tools. When you enable it, extra pixels will be removed while drawing such that any drawn paths are at most 1 pixel in width. In other words, it removes the middle pixel of an L shape.

Refreshed Tool Icons

The Tools palette has been refreshed to use icons based on the SF Symbols set, so it feels more consistent with the rest of macOS.

Additional Animation Settings

The Animation Settings sheet has gained new options for setting an animation to a given frame rate in bulk.

Better Auto Save Support

Auto Save support has been improved to restore additional tool properties across relaunches of Pixen, so the next time you relaunch the app, it will remember things like your previously-used font size.

Welcome Window + Clipboard

The Welcome window has been improved to display a new Create a New Image From Clipboard action when there are images on the system clipboard.

Learn More

To learn more, visit the Pixen website or check us out in the Mac App Store. If there are things you’d like to see in a future update, don’t hesitate to let us know.