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Xformat for Mac

Clang Format app and Xcode extension

Xformat is a Mac app that makes it easy to format C, C++, Objective-C, and Objective-C++ code using common style guides such as LLVM, Mozilla, and WebKit. You can also define your own styles directly in the app, or import a clang-format configuration file. You can search through and customize nearly 100 style options, and see a live preview update as you go.

Xformat for Mac - main screen

You can use Xformat's Batch Format tool to quickly re-format an entire directory of source files, and you have fine-grained control over which files are included.

Xformat for Mac - batch formatting

Xformat also ships with an Xcode extension, so for the first time, you can use clang-format directly from the Xcode IDE.

Xformat for Mac - Xcode extension

Xformat is powered by the open source clang project and clang-format tool, so it has a deep understanding of your code. This makes the re-formatting process very robust.


We hate subscriptions as much as you do, so our business model is simple: Xformat is a one-time purchase that costs as much as a cup of coffee in San Francisco. 🌁

We just want to remain self-employed and maintain the development of the app. Thanks for your support. ❤️



I wish I had discovered this earlier. Had to migrate code from another developer into my project that followed totally different code formatting rules. It took me about an hour to configure Xformat so that it matched my code formatting. It's pretty flexible and it works perfectly.

- App Store Review

Xformat is compatible with macOS 14 "Sonoma" on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.
The minimum system requirement is macOS 12 "Monterey".