The editing experience in Archimedes can be customized to your liking.


In the Preferences window, you can change the editor's default font size and text indentation options. These can also be customized on a per-document basis via options found in the View menu.

Full Screen

If you prefer working in full screen mode, you can use the View > Enter Full Screen menu item to enter a distraction-free full screen experience.


Archimedes' toolbar can also be customized with additional commands via the View > Customize Toolbar menu item.

Preview Pane

By default, Archimedes embeds the editor right next to the live document preview. You can choose between a horizontal and vertical split using the View > Layout menu item. If you prefer detaching the preview pane into its own window, you can use the View > Use Detached Preview menu item to do just that. This is especially useful when working on documents with multi-monitor setups.

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