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Archimedes is a Markdown and LaTeX editor built from the ground up for the Mac and designed to make mathematical writing fun and easy.

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Markdown Editing

At its core, Archimedes is a fully-featured plain text and Markdown editor. It includes a fast syntax highlighter and provides convenient keyboard shortcuts for common actions, such as inserting images and links. With complete support for Markdown, Archimedes makes formatting and structuring documents elegant and easy.

# Buoyancy

In science, **buoyancy** is an upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the [weight]( of an immersed object. In a column of fluid, pressure increases with depth as a result of the weight of the overlying fluid.

Math Mode + Autocomplete

Code Completions in Archimedes

Button  Button

In Math Mode, Archimedes lets you write mathematics in a subset of LaTeX, making it an approachable LaTeX editor. Just enter $$ to get started. Over 700 intuitive commands, such as \sqrt{a^2 + b^2}, help you produce stunning mathematical output. Archimedes even autocompletes commands and intelligently matches closing braces, brackets, and parenthesis as you type.

★ Magic Type

Just getting started with LaTeX? Don't know the code for the asymptotically equal symbol? Use your MacBook's trackpad or Magic Trackpad to draw it! Archimedes will recognize the symbol and insert the corresponding code for you.

Live Preview

As you work, a beautifully-typeset live preview of your document is always visible. You can even switch between horizontal or vertical orientation and select a custom theme. Dark Mode is fully supported, and themes come with various font faces.

Live Preview in Archimedes

Math Library

Browse the math library to see all available LaTeX commands and their previews in one place.

Library in Archimedes


Archimedes lets you define macros -- or custom commands -- for the expressions you work with the most. Macros show up in autocompletion results right alongside built-in completions.


Browse the documentation to discover how to use all of Archimedes' features effectively. Use examples, screenshots, and helpful tips to learn the ins and outs of the app.



Working on a long document? Use the Navigator to pull up a table of contents and quickly jump between sections.

Navigator in Archimedes


Share your work with the rest of the world via email, iMessage, or AirDrop. Or export a PDF or HTML document to disk.

Mac Share Sheet options in Archimedes
Error Checking

Error Checking

New to TeX? Archimedes checks for errors as you type to help you write error-free mathematical expressions.



View document statistics such as character count, word count, and reading time.



Use the Find panel to find and replace text in any document.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Take advantage of keyboard shortcuts to quickly navigate the app.

Snippet Editor

Snippet Editor

The Snippet Editor allows you to typeset mathematical expressions without the overhead of a full Archimedes document. Use the Copy Vector button to export the typeset math as a vector graphic.

Native Mac App

Native Mac App

Archimedes is a native app built using technologies like Core Animation, PDFKit, Versions, Quick Look, and WebKit, and it takes full advantage of the power of macOS.


Archimedes Beta on TestFlight

Provide feedback on the future of Archimedes by signing up for our beta releases on TestFlight. Simply download TestFlight from the Mac App Store and sign up for our preview releases to get started.


★★★★★  So Convenient!

This is the perfect editor for those who enjoy the simplicity of Markdown, but need LaTeX for scientific and mathematical writing. The ability to draw symbols and have them magically turn into escape codes will save you hours of time!

- Mac App Store review

★★★★★  I use this app every day - highly recommended.

I have recommended this to colleagues and students, even those who are not experienced with TeX, and they are always amazed that, for a very modest price, they can load one app and be productive right from the start. Another big positive for me is that Archimedes' rendered PDF is quite good: clean, modern and readable.

- Mac App Store review

★★★★★  Just what I was looking for!

Easy to use and very fast. One nice feature is that the preview of the latex/markdown text appears instantly, no need for a compile button. The drop down menu for latex shortcuts is also handy. The interface is very clear and unobtrusive: you can easily keep this app out for note taking while working on other things, and it won't clutter the screen with extraneous toolbars and the like.

- Mac App Store review

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Need more help? Read the documentation.

Archimedes is compatible with Intel and Apple Silicon Macs. Looking for Archimedes for iPad?