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Clean up files left behind from Mac app removals

When you delete apps on macOS by dragging them to the Trash, temporary files, caches, preferences, and other resources can get left behind.

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How AppTrash Helps

AppTrash makes cleaning up unwanted files after removing Mac apps easy. It quietly runs in the background, and once you drag an app to the Trash, it finds related files and offers to remove them as well.

You can selectively pick which files to remove, or go with all of them to completely uninstall the app. Simply put, AppTrash is the best app cleaner and uninstaller on the Mac.



We hate subscriptions as much as you do, so our business model is simple: AppTrash is a one-time purchase that costs as much as a cup of coffee in San Francisco. 🌁

We just want to remain self-employed and maintain the development of the app. Thanks for your support. ❤️

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AppTrash is compatible with macOS 14 "Sonoma" on Intel and Apple Silicon Macs.
The minimum system requirement is macOS 11 "Big Sur".